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Giving you the wings to soar beyond conventional classroom settings

Get to know the edTeam

Hey there! We're the folks behind edTonomy, but you can call us the edTeam. We're delighted to welcome you to our cozy community, and we hope this is just the beginning of our journey together. You can always find us hanging out on social media, checking our emails, and connecting with fantastic teachers (like you!). So, don't be shy - drop in to say hi! We’d love to hear all about your unique story, your teaching experiences, and your business. We can't wait to know ya'!

  • Lexa Duno

    Chief Education Officer (CEO)

    Meet Lexa: Founder of edTonomy and the 🧡 of the edTeam. Lexa's a former fifth-grade teacher and literacy specialist, who started her private education business, The Lit Advocate, when she left the classroom in 2020. She’s also “Mami” to a two-year old, a published kids’ books author, and bilingual in English and Spanish. Yeah - she’s kind of our Superlady.

  • Carlo Andreu

    Product Manager

    Meet Carlo: the systems and product manager for edTonomy. Carlo's the 💪 behind the edTeam's operations. He's the go-to tackler of tough conversations and makes the hard decisions so the edTeam can dream on. Icing to the cake? Well, he'll totally hate us telling you this--but Carlo's Elvis ("Blue Moon") and Sinatra ("My Way") impressions could transport you straight to 1960s Miami for a night at the Fontainebleau.

  • Robin Fowler

    Technical Architect/Code-Master

    Meet Robin: the edTeam's guru of all things code, and the 🧠 behind the edTonomy app. Robin's built quite the portfolio as Fairy Code-Master for various tech-startups, but that's not the reason (at least not the only reason) we love him. He's also bilingual in English and German! Plus, if the edTeam were a noise machine, Robin's channel would be the one playing ocean waves. Basically speaking, he's our calm.

  • Diane Clark (aka D.I.)

    Editorial Partner/Writer

    Meet Diane: the edTeam’s education ninja 🥷🏻. Teacher, coach, strategic advisor, business consultant, international tutor and Taekwondo/Israeli Krav Maga instructor – she’s navigated the PreK-college world. Before homeschooling her children, Diane worked in broadcasting, higher education and corporate finance and she is a published author. She loves off-road biking and all things fitness. Next on her Bucket List: completing a Sprint triathlon. Why “D. I."? The ninja mystique factor. 😉

Our Founding Story:

The genesis of edTonomy is a testament to the power of educator autonomy.

It started with Lexa's leap of faith. She left the classroom to embrace education entrepreneurship, looking for ways to pursue her passion but on her own terms. She leaned into her knack for reading comprehension and launched The LitAdvocate.

That’s when she turned to her brother Carlo, whose expertise in business systems and technology became pivotal in the set-up & success of her literacy initiative.

The sibling-duo combined forces and evolved their project into a commitment empowering educators to innovate beyond the classroom by turning their unique skill sets into heart-led businesses.

edTonomy (n.):

A community of independent educators stepping beyond the traditional school system to collectively harness their unique skills and define the true value of their talents

We're on a Mission

edTonomy is self-guided, permission-less education. We serve the visionaries, the education entrepreneurs, the holistic-homeschoolers, and the microschool pioneers who dare to dream beyond conventional classrooms.

Our software is a symphony of CRM and LMS capabilities, orchestrated to simplify and streamline the entrepreneurial journey for educators. It's the backbone behind your business and where classroom management becomes a breeze.

We're the silent partner to your loud dreams, the rhythm to your educational melody, providing the tools, autonomy, and community that empower you to build booming businesses that resonate with the heartbeat of your passion.

You're not just managing a classroom
; you're creating an edu-ecosystem where every learner thrives, and every teacher shines. So let's redefine what it means to teach and learn, together.

How we lead


Creative solutions for educators who dare to dream beyond the conventional classroom where community is at the core of every decision


We listen to understand, not just respond. Our services are personalized to each educator's story, ensuring that your journey is heart-led and strategy-strong


Speak the Language of EducatorsWe're committed to authentic strategies tailored to each educator's vision by aligning their educational philosophy and entrepreneurial spirit

Our vision is to deconstruct traditional classroom settings by empowering educators to elevate their unique skill sets into heart-led businesses.

edTonomy is a launchpad for educators to innovate, connect, & create lasting impact in their careers beyond the classroom.