From Educator to Entrepreneur 

Build Your Teaching Business

edTonomy is the one-stop platform for educators to launch, manage and grow their ed-businesses. With cutting-edge tools for curriculum planning, community engagement, and financial management, we make it seamless for you to turn your teaching skills into a thriving business.

A suite of teaching and business management tools.

Manage your private teaching businesses efficiently. Use edTonomy to handle all your educational planning, financial management, and communication needs.

Comprehensive Planning & Scheduling

Centralize Your Operations

Seamlessly manage all your educational operations from a single dashboard tailored to your unique role – be it a tutor, edupreneur, or microschool administrator.

  • Planbook Management for yearly or semester-based planning

  • Manage your student lists and class assignments with Rosters

  • Role-Based Access Control for customized permissions within your organization

Lesson & Academic Management

Enhance Your Content

Create adaptive lesson plans that resonate with your teaching style and meet your students' unique needs.

  • Student Profiles for academic and assessment tracking

  • File Storage for record keeping

  • Magic Lesson Planning for automated lesson plan generation

Financial & Administrative Oversight

Take Control of Your Finances

From subscription management to financial reporting, edTonomy provides the tools you need to manage your educational business effectively.

  • Balances for financial tracking

  • Invoicing for generating customized invoices

  • Stripe for payment processing

Community and Communication

Build and Engage Your Community

Connect with like-minded educators and parents through Heartbeat Community. Utilize in-app messaging, notifications, and announcements to keep everyone in the loop.

  • Team Channels for microschool communities

  • Inbox for internal and external communications

  • Announcements for mass messaging

Expand and Evolve

Scalable Solutions for Growing Your Ventures

As your educational business grows, edTonomy scales with you. From single-seat plans for tutors to customizable plans for larger organizations, we've got you covered.

  • edTonomy for Tutors for tutors & individual educators

  • edTonomy for Education Entrepreneurs for small to medium-sized ventures

  • edTonomy for Microschools for multi-teacher organizations

Start Building Your Ed-Biz.

edTonomy is your Co-Pilot in Educational Entrepreneurship